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Willow finally snagged herself a slayer! Let us know which subcats you need.
Action/Adventure, Angst, Comedy/Humor ...
The second most-popular Kennedy pairing - two slayers are better than one!
All stories ...
Any other pairing goes here! Kennedy F/M fic is fine too.
Kennedy/Anya, Kennedy/Buffy, Kennedy/Dawn ...
Pair Kennedy with characters from shows other than BtVS.
All stories ...
Non-slash fanfic: this means no sex, no extreme violence. Stories suitable for all ages.
All stories ...
Stories featuring Kennedy but written in Spanish, German, French, etc.
French, German, Other languages ...

The Kennedy Slash Fanfic Site News
Keep copies of your work Posted: 2006-06-22
This is a reminder that this website is not a storage facility, and that we're not responsible for keeping backups of your work. If you want to ensure access to your stories at all times, keep copies of them on your personal computer. [id# 11]
Deleted Reviews Posted: 2006-05-06
Today I deleted approximately 10000 reviews from the database. 5000 of those were entries which just said things like "update", and which were written by the same person under 15 different usernames. The other 5000 were reviews by "Anon". If you have reviews missing from your stories, that's where they went. If you're posting a review, please try to select a name to write under, and don't post as "Anon". Those are the entries likely to be deleted in the future. [id# 9]
Poetry Posted: 2005-06-15
If you're going to upload poems to the "poetry" section, please make sure they're poems related to the "Kennedy" theme, and not just general poems that you've written on other topics. [id# 8]
KennedyFanfic.com Posted: 2003-08-02
If you're reading this, you've obviously found the brand new home for Kennedy Fanfiction! We've added a message board just for fic writers and readers, and we're going to be expanding the fic archive as well. Soon you'll be able to register as a beta reader, and we hope to add writing tutorials to help inspire you.

International users, please feel free to write or post in any language you feel comfortable in. We'd love to see some French-language fanfic, and more reviews in Spanish and German. Everyone is welcome!

We'll grow slowly but surely. If you have suggestions, please email or post them on the fanfic message board (click the Discussion Forums link). [id# 6]
Welcome to the Kennedy Slash Site! Posted: 2002-12-27
She's tough, she's sexy, she's Kennedy, slayer-in-training! She's already putting the moves on Willow and rumor says she'll be sticking around for a lot more episodes of BtVS, so she deserves some slash! Willow/Kennedy slash is a given (won't it be nice to see Willow happy again?), but feel free to use your imagination to pair Kennedy up with any female resident of the JossVerse. Hell, if you want to pair Kennedy up with Rory Gilmore, that's also fine. It will take some time for this archive to grow but don't be shy... please post! If you have any comments, suggestions, or requests, please just jot us an email and we'll try to keep you happy :) [id# 1]

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